Cultural and sport association “Locos por Andar” (crazy about walking), together with Ezequiel Parra, has created “ANTIGÜEDADES ETNOGRÁFICAS HUERCALENSES”, a museum located in Urcal, camino de la Fuente de Huércal-Overa (Almería).

With the help and effort from many, we have put together a collection of ancestral artefacts so that the new generations can discover how people used to live many years ago. The museum is open to all visitors, especially kids and elderly.

We cannot explain our present and future without understanding first our past.

The museum expands over 150 metres and is divided into multiple areas. There is an area displaying how traditional shops looked like: a grocery shop, the butcher’s and the bakery. There are also sections where you can also discover old stamps, postcards and flags from Huércal-Overal. You can walk around an old library, a traditional kitchen, an ancient school and even discover how ice creams were made in those times. There is also a collection of old music, farming tools, telephones, irons and typing machines. You can visit an old house’s living room and bedroom, you can the barber and the post office, you can play with old games and even use old electric appliances, all in the same place.

All this has been possible with the help of neighbours, friends and relatives, who have given away these pieces to be shared and enjoyed by those who want to remember the old good times or just discover them. These generous donors will enjoy permanent free access to the museum and the pieces on display will show their names (unless they object to).

We permanently welcome denotations of any kind of antiquities to our museum.

For visits, you contact us by phone (+34) 606.132.776

or e-mail: